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   The road sections of Tskneti-Samadlo and Tskneti-Akhaldaba have been damaged by the disaster on June 13, 2015. With the purpose of study of the reasons of the disaster and results liquidation, coordinating the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure and with the help of the support of the US Agency for International Development (USAID), involvement of American experts, a geological survey of the damaged part of Tskneti-Betania road and surrounding area was conducted. Conceptual recommendations were prepared as the result of the research about that what kind of measures should be taken to ensure the sustainability of road and adjacent slopes in the Tskneti-Betania landslide. The project is conducted within the framework of the European Investment Bank "Urban Reconstruction and Development" program. The Tskneti-Betania road is the most difficult part and is connected to Tsalka, Gardabani and Tetritskaro municipalities. The road rehabilitation works will be fully carried out by the joint enterprise "GRG" LLC and "Caucasus Road Project" LLC and will be completed soon. After the completion of the project, the population will be able to travel easily and comfortably.


Video: Georgian Public Broadcasting